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The Featured Employee: Anatolii

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Anatolii, a Landscape Architectural Technologist with MBTW since December 2016, is this month's Featured Employee!

1. How long have you been working for MBTW | WAI and what do you enjoy most about working here?

Just over a year ago, I started in December 2016. That's a difficult question – because there's a lot that I like about MBTW | WAI. But to tell you what I enjoy most about it, I'd say that I enjoy the atmosphere of professionalism and outstanding design ideas.

2. Why did you choose a career path in landscape architecture?

I have a Civil Engineering and Architectural educational background. Landscape architecture sits right in the middle. Moreover, working in this field gives me the unique opportunity to use art within nature.

3. If you were not in this field, what would your alternate occupation be?

Traveling and communication plays an integral role in my life, so International Relations would be a great alternative.

4. What is an exciting project that you have or are currently working on at MBTW | WAI?

Currently, I am working on multiple projects, however, I would highlight the North Leslie West Community, located in the Town of Richmond Hill, because of its complex restoration works adjacent to a natural heritage system.

5. What trends in the field are you really excited and passionate about?

I grew up in Kyiv, a city with numerous pedestrian streets. In my opinion, moving towards that trend would be a great advantage not only in engaging more people to walk, but also, in increasing the number of street trees in areas such as Downtown Toronto and, as a result, reducing air pollution.

6. If you could have dinner with anyone in the field, living or dead, who would it be and why?

My coworkers are very talented people with deep knowledge and extensive Canadian as well as International experience in the field of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. So, my answer would be with someone from the company.

7. What is a fun fact about yourself that your coworkers do not know?

I am quite a big fan of extreme sports. In fact, I have been doing Bike Trials since I was 14. Also, I can speak three languages.

8. Park or plaza?

I would say a park with an underground shopping centre. Just imagine how nice and refreshing it would be to sit near a fountain and relax by listening to the water and birds, right after productive but exhausting shopping.