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The Featured Employee: Lina

Feature Staff-Lina

Lina is an Associate with MBTW | WAI’s Urban Design and Planning team. She’s our youngest associate and is known around the office for her upbeat, friendly and ambitious personality.

1. How long have you been working for MBTW | WAI and what do you enjoy most about working here?

I have been working for MBTW for 5 years. I enjoy both the work and social sides of MBTW – we have a very lively and fun team who come up with inspiring design solutions on a daily basis. It’s a great environment!

2. Why did you choose a career path in urban design and planning?

I am a design oriented person who loves problem solving. I’ve always been fascinated by the urban environment and the diverse issues that surround our spaces so it seemed like a perfect fit!

3. If you were not in this field, what would your alternate occupation be?

An astronaut, archaeologist, or just about anything to do with discovery.

4. What is an interesting project you have or are currently working on at MBTW | WAI?

I love the work that Concert is doing to catalyse growth on Dundas Street West in Etobicoke! The KIP Master Planned Community is bringing housing options and high quality public-private spaces to the neighbourhood, within steps from a major transit hub.

5. What trends in the field are you really excited and passionate about?

I’m excited to see how self driving vehicles are going to impact the way we design and retrofit our cities and urban places. Imagine the possibilities...

6. What is a fun fact about yourself that your coworkers do not know?

People are usually surprised to learn that I have a twin sister.

7. Trees or buildings?

Why not both?