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PRESS RELEASE – New Management Team Announced

New Principals TORONTO (April 13, 2017) MBTW-WAI (The MBTW Group and W Architect Inc.), one of Canada’s leading multidisciplinary design studios, located in Leaside, Toronto, takes great pleasure in announcing the addition of three new partners to its leadership team. MBTW-WAI’s newest partners are Michael Hannay (Urban Planning, Urban Design and Architectural Design Guidance), Jon Joyce (Landscape Architecture – Performance Sports and Recreation) and Jana Joyce (Landscape Architecture – Public Realm). “Each of our new principals brings proven experience in their specialty that will continue to enhance the quality and breadth of the services we offer our clients. We are delighted to acknowledge their accomplishments, their commitment to the firm and their passion for providing our clients with innovative and competitive solutions”, said Steven Wimmer, Managing Principal. “We are thrilled to welcome their energy and look forward to celebrating our team’s expanded creative talent”. Michael Hannay, B.E.S., B.ARCH., MRAIC, MCIP, RPP, LEED® AP, brings over 25 years of experience in Urban Planning, Urban Design and Architectural Design Guidance, consulting to both the development community and municipalities across the Province of Ontario. Michael has been qualified for over 25 years to provide expert testimony before the Ontario Municipal Board, regarding Urban Planning, Urban Design, Visual Impact Assessment, and Architectural Design Guidance relating to both highly Urban and Greenfield developments. His work in the GTA ranges from participation in the development of policy and design studies to the detailed design and implementation of some of the most innovative new communities in the Province of Ontario. Michael will lead the MBTW urban planning initiatives and as Vice-President of W Architect Inc. Michael will provide leadership for Architectural Design Guidance projects. Jon Joyce, B.L.A., O.A.L.A., C.S.L.A., has over 22 years of professional experience during which he has contributed to an extensive collection of projects of varying scope, scale and complexity. His experience - combined with a talent for problem solving, communication and decision-making - allows Jon to successfully transition projects through the design, approvals and implementation stages of the site development process. Over the last several years, Jon has focused on applying his unique and holistic understanding of design development to an expanding number of high profile sports and recreation projects across Canada. Jon will direct the Performance Sports and Recreation division at MBTW. Jana Joyce, B.L.A., O.A.L.A., C.S.L.A., A.S.L.A., has over 22 years experience in the development of publicly accessible urban public realms, including waterfronts, complete/mobility streetscapes and pedestrianization, urban parks and district public realm design and development. Her experience has provided her with a deep understanding the development strategies and implementation processes within complex, multi-phase public environments. Jana’s experience in both high level design and master plan conceptualization and in technical detailed design enables her to plan approaches to implementation that will ensure that original design ideas and requirements are carried through to the built environment. Jana’s expertise in envisioning engaging, meaningful and flexible spaces for people of all ages and abilities is a welcome addition to the leadership team. Jana’s focus at MBTW will be within public realm development and special projects. Our new partners will join Managing Principal Steven Wimmer (Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, and Community Planning), Christine Abe (Urban Landscape Architecture), and Kevin Holmes (Landscape Architecture and Golf Course Design) to form an expanded leadership team for MBTW–WAI. Steven Wimmer, Managing Principal, B.L.A., O.A.L.A., C.S.L.A., brings over 30 years of experience working in urban design, community planning and landscape architecture in both Urban and Greenfield contexts. As managing principal Steven is responsible for the overall management of the firm and our client relationships. During his career, Steven has successful worked with private sector clients, public agencies, environmental authorities, and community groups to implement numerous innovative and comprehensively planned new communities and public space systems across the Province of Ontario. Steven’s insights into the nature of enjoyable balanced environments and his abilities to recognize the qualities of local identity, ecological functions, built and natural heritage have lead to the creation of many comprehensive context sensitive solutions that enhance our daily environment. Steven understands the complex relationships between new innovative sustainable housing types and integrates this knowledge with his expertise in great community building – a skill that consistently delivers highly successful and desirable community plans. Christine Abe, Principal, B.L.A., O.A.L.A., C.S.L.A., A.S.L.A., leads the Urban Landscape Team at The MBTW Group and specializes in urban landscape projects with a focus on high density, mixed use development, civic and institutional landscapes and urban public realm. Christine brings over 28 years of experience to the leadership team and is instrumental in the development of projects with tall buildings, green roofs, roof gardens and ‘on-slab’ landscape construction. Christine is typically involved in all aspects of landscape architecture from the design and conceptualization of a project, to working drawings, and finally through to the contract administration phase of a project. Her understanding of development approval processes, technical design, construction materiality and techniques and her ability to gain client and stakeholder consensus makes Christine a valuable asset to the firm and to our clients. Kevin Holmes, Principal, B.L.A., O.A.L.A. Associate, focuses on Greenfield Landscape Architecture Development at The MBTW Group. His responsibilities include managing the design and implementation of greenfield projects including community landscapes and commercial properties, parks and open spaces, recreational trails, storm water ponds and watercourse enhancement. Kevin also leads the firm’s golf course development and redevelopment book of business and through the application of his experience and creativity as a Golf Course Architect, has been responsible for some of Ontario’s best new public golf courses. Kevin works closely with private developers, regional and municipal governments, conservation authorities, communities and consultants to ensure that project priorities are carried through from the initial stages of project design through to construction. His over 25 years of experience in the greenfield landscape and golf industry has equipped Kevin with a deep understanding of innovative and sustainable design strategies and site development processes from both a planning and environmental perspective. MBTW-WAI is an award winning, multi-disciplinary Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design and Architectural Design Guidance firm located in Midtown Toronto. Our design studio, in business since 1975, has provided design consulting services to an international roster of clients in both private and public sectors. Our passion for excellence coupled with the energy of our in-house talent consistently produces high-caliber, custom and forward-thinking design solutions.