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5365 Dundas Street West

5365 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario


5365 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario


Concert Properties Ltd.



Project Team

Jana Joyce
Michael Hannay
Lina Al-Dajani


Graphic Artistry
Landscape Architecture
Public Consultation
Sustainable Development
Urban Design
Urban Design Guidelines
Urban Landscape Architecture
Urban Planning

The MBTW Group is leading the planning, urban design and landscape architecture consulting services for the 5365 Dundas Street West project, known as the KIP District, a multi-phase mixed-use development proposed adjacent to the future Kipling Mobility Hub in Etobicoke Centre. The MBTW Group is responsible for developing the Landscape Master Plan, Urban Design Guidelines, Planning Rationale, and Public Consultation Plan to support the Site Plan Application and Zoning By-law Amendment for the KIP. The KIP’s design concept introduces contemporary built form and high quality landscaped spaces that collectively provide both a distinctive residential environment and inviting public realm.

Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Master Plans for all three phases of the KIP District coordinate strategic building placement and public realm design to create an engaging and well connected series of open and green spaces that are designed to serve the KIP residents and the general public. The Plan includes a privately-owned publicly accessible space (POPS) at the Dundas Street West Frontage, a central square, a linear park, retail courtyards, upgraded Dundas Street West Streetscape and a well-designed internal pedestrian network. Key landscape objectives that guide the development of the KIP Landscape Master Plan include:

Beautiful and green - an urban oasis that re-engages people with the outdoor environment;

Transit supportive – provides pedestrian and cycling infrastructure including safe and comfortable connections to transit;

Pedestrian priority – texture, colour and scale are key tools used to de-emphasize vehicular movement;

Interesting and dynamic – public realm that incorporates distinct, quirky and touchable elements to animate experiences; and

Public realm as backyard – recreation and relaxation amenities integrated into the public realm collective.

Urban Design Guidelines

The MBTW Group developed Urban Design Guidelines for Phase 1 and Phase 2 & 3 of the KIP District, which present a community vision, define the site context, review the existing policy framework and provide guidelines for building design, public realm and landscape design, and streetscape features and design. These Urban Design Guidelines aim to ensure the KIP District becomes a high quality community that will make a strong and positive contribution to the ongoing transformation of Etobicoke Centre into an attractive and pedestrian-friendly urban hub.

Planning Rationale

The MBTW Group prepared a Planning Rationale Report for Phase 2 & 3 of the KIP District, in support of a zoning by-law amendment for the proposed development. The Report outlines the proposed community and reviews the existing policy context and supporting studies, to demonstrate how the development proposal aligns with provincial and municipal growth and design objectives.

Public Consultation Plan

In coordination with Concert Properties, The MBTW Group developed a Public Consultation Plan, supporting the rezoning submission, to ensure transparent, meaningful and effective engagement with interested parties. The Public Consultation Plan centers on promoting positive relationships with local stakeholders and members of the community, and exploring desired outcomes and common objectives that help to ensure public support throughout the development process. Public consultation for the project will soon be underway.