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Bridgepoint Active Health

Broadview Avenue & Gerrard Street, Toronto, Ontario


Broadview Avenue & Gerrard Street, Toronto, Ontario


PCL Constructors of Canada; Plenary Health



Project Team

HDR Architecture Inc.;
Diamond Schmitt Architects Inc.;
Ventin Group Heritage Architects;
S+A Electrical Engineers;
Halsall Structural Engineers;
AMCAI Civil Engineers


LEED Silver Certificate


Accessibility & Risk Assessment
Landscape Architecture


Green Roofs for Healthy Cities - Award of Excellence Extensive Institutional Award2016The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada / Canada Council for the Arts – Governor General’s Medal in Architecture2016Civic Trust Awards – International Project, Commendation2016Ontario Concrete Awards - Sustainable Concrete Awards2014 View all award winning projects

The MBTW Group were the Landscape Architects responsible for detailed design and full scope services for the implementation and construction of a health care campus master plan, including a new hospital, restoration of the Old Don Jail into an administration building, Hubbard Park and future development blocks.

Aesthetic Values (beauty and visibility):

The roof terrace connects patients with nature and provides uplifting views of the city skyline and the Don Valley park system. The area is enclosed to varying degrees on all sides for patient safety, providing sheltered areas and areas with broad views. The perimeter planters are high enough to allow patients to access the soil while standing up, and for those in wheelchairs, the vegetation can be touched and smelled. The glass windscreens along the perimeter allow for a comfortable environment regardless of gusty conditions. A long overhead canopy allows patients to sit right beside the green roof and take in the curving planting pattern. In addition to activity space, this rooftop program reinforces Bridgepoint’s commitment to making the facility accessible and inspirational to assist patients in their own recovery. The roof terrace to date has been used for a wide variety of non-hospital related events such as weddings and conferences.

Reduction in Energy:

Bridgepoint Active Healthcare is LEED Silver certified. As such, it includes numerous energy saving features including the green roof which reduces the urban heat island effect. The green roof provides additional thermal insulation to the clinical space below. It also provides additional programing and function space that is sheltered from the elements but does not require heating or cooling.


The green roof’s ability to protect the roofing membrane: The green roof assembly includes a 10mm poly root barrier that effectively protects and prolongs the life of the membrane. The shallow depth of the green roof allows for easy displacement in areas where maintenance may be required, without exhaustive and time consuming removals or replacement.

Acoustic Buffering:

The ability of the green roof to attenuate sound: The hospital is adjacent to the Don Valley Parkway. The 10th floor green roof terrace provides a green open space high above the parkway where sounds are buffered by the dense perimeter planting and glass wind screens. By providing an additional insulation layer on the roof, the green roof helps to attenuate sound in the patient rooms and clinical spaces below. Regardless of the type of function taking place on the terrace, the rooms below are quiet.

Stormwater Savings:

The ability of the green roof to help reduce building costs (including but not limited to the presence and efficiency of a stormwater harvesting system, and the reduction of stormwater fees): It is estimated that an overall site capture of approximately 6.3mm of rain is achieved by the green roof which also directs up to 15mm of rainfall into the plant based infiltration system, thus helping to satisfy the water balance criteria for the landscape. These numbers apply to both the green roofs located on the 10th and 12th floors. Given the sanitary environment required for hospitals stormwater harvesting is only an option for irrigation use.

Educational Programming:

The presence and quality of educational programming involving the roof: The green roof terrace is used for therapy and education. Clinical programming focuses on the relaxing benefits of viewing the landscape and of interacting by planting and learning about plant materials. At Bridgepoint, terrace area activities are augmented by movable trolleys that are adjusted to suit patient’s abilities and allow them to plant, prune, and harvest – to dig their fingers into the soil and watch their work grow. Bridgepoint’s mandate is teach patients to connect with their surrounding and transition seamlessly back to their homes and neighborhoods. The green roof terrace provides a protected space for programming that allows for this type of education and healing. Because the terrace and the adjoining interior event spaces are used by a variety of hospital departments and outside users, the green roof provides a broader educational role by physically showing people that planted roofs are viable and sustainable and substantially improve the positive nature of a space.

Horticultural Therapy:

The presence and quality of horticultural therapy considerations involving the green roof: The accessible, therapeutic green roof terrace extends the therapeutic benefits of nature vertically and offers recreation therapy. Patients can participate in a gardening program or engage in self directed rehabilitation.