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Caledon Comprehensive Town-Wide Design Guidelines

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The MBTW Group was retained by the Town of Caledon to prepare Comprehensive Town-Wide Design Guidelines (TWDG), intended to be a single, consolidated source of guidance for Caledon’s urban and rural areas. The TWDG offer a unique ‘Made in Caledon’ approach to development that provides town-wide and area-specific urban design, landscape and architectural solutions. The TWDG deliver creative and sustainable recommendations that protect and enhance the natural environment, while accommodating future development and design trends. The development of the Comprehensive Town-Wide Design Guidelines involved an extensive review and assessment of the evolving Provincial, Regional and Municipal policy framework, as well as current best practices. This background review lead to the formation of guiding principles, which include sustainable design and compact development, accessibility and universal design, community safety and security, complete streets and active transportation, and cultural heritage conservation.

The Comprehensive Town-Wide Design Guidelines touch on:

Urban Caledon

Town-wide guidance is provided for various urban settings and conditions, including the public realm, green building initiatives, residential development, infill development, mixed use and commercial areas, industrial and employment lands, and institutional uses.

Rural Caledon

The Guidelines recognize the role and significance of Caledon’s rural areas in establishing the Town’s character and actively contributing to daily interactions throughout the Town. To support diversified uses in the Town’s agricultural areas while maintaining the quality and character of these areas, design guidance has been provided for permitted uses, in accordance with the Caledon Official Plan, including commercial and industrial uses, specialty destinations, and estate residential.