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Eden Oak (Creditview Heights) Urban Design Guidelines

Hamlet of Glen Williams (Town of Halton Hills)


Hamlet of Glen Williams (Town of Halton Hills)


Eden Oak Homes



Project Team

Steven Wimmer
Michael Hannay
Paul Hung
Lina Al-Dajani


Expert OMB Testimony
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Landscape Architecture
Urban Design
Urban Design Guidelines

The MBTW Group was retained by Eden Oak Homes in 2008 to prepare Urban Design Guidelines for the Eden Oak (Creditview Heights) Community, situated within the Glen William Secondary Plan Area in the Town of Halton Hills. The Urban Design Guidelines aim to ensure the development respects and complements the cultural and environmental heritage of Glen Williams.

The Urban Design Guidelines include, but are not limited to:

Neighbourhood Vision

The neighbourhood vision for the development was defined to reflect the existing context, street pattern, landscape elements, the natural environment and open space. In addition, architectural design objectives were developed to ensure individual houses and the collective impression of houses in the streetscape supports the overall design vision of the Eden Oak neighbourhood and the character of the Hamlet of Glen Williams.

Streetscape Design Requirements

The MBTW Group established guidelines for physical elements of the public realm within streetscapes. To promote positive and visually interesting streetscapes, the guidelines focused on building location and orientation, prominent locations, building elevation variety, building height, relationship of houses to grade, and garage and driveway locations and treatments. The streetscape design requirements complement Architectural Design Guidelines prepared in tandem by WAI.

Landscape Requirements

To ensure a high quality environment and the sensitive integration of the development into the Hamlet of Glen Williams, the MBTW Group determined landscape requirements for the new community. The requirements focus on an existing trail on an adjacent abandoned rail line, a stormwater wetland, planting and landscaping, fencing, exterior lighting, street signage and furniture, and open space landscaping.

OMB Expert Testimony

The MBTW Group was actively involved through the various evolutions of the proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision in discussions with Town and Regional Staff, Credit Valley Conservation, the Glen Williams Community Association and members of the public, to address matters of natural and cultural heritage preservation. In 2017, MBTW provided expert urban design testimony and visual evidence at the Ontario Municipal Board on behalf of Eden Oak Homes.