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Etobicoke Centre Public Space & Streetscape Plan

Etobicoke City Centre, Toronto, Ontario


Etobicoke City Centre, Toronto, Ontario


City of Toronto




Urban Landscape Architecture


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The Etobicoke Centre Public Space and Streetscape Plan was prepared to create a framework that would bring coherence to an area with a very disjointed arrangement of streets, streetscapes and open spaces. Significant changes to the area, including a proposed reconfiguration of a series of interchanges at the centre’s core opened possibilities for a new approach to public realm improvements. The study team identified a number of opportunities to improve the public space and streetscapes such as unifying and enhancing the Centre’s unique sense of place, greening the Centre through aggressive tree planting and sustainable storm water management, prioritizing the pedestrian experience, and improving connectivity between the Centre’s districts.

The project includes detailed design strategies for tree planting, boulevard design, lighting, and pavement types, recommends the design approach to a number of focus areas within the Centre and identifies the implementation tools to guide future change. MBTW was involved in all aspects of the project including public and stakeholder engagement and presentations at the Urban Design Review Panel, boulevard width inventories and assessments, detail design of tree trenches, boulevard sections, conceptual design of a number of new parks and open spaces, coordination with utilities, and element costing.