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GoodLife Home Office

710 Proudfoot Lane, London, Ontario


710 Proudfoot Lane, London, Ontario


ESAM Construction



Project Team

Michael Hannay
Christine Abe
Lina Al-Dajani

The MBTW Group provided urban planning, urban design and landscape architectural services for the GoodLife Fitness Home Office in London, Ontario. The GoodLife Fitness Home Office aims to provide a high quality fitness facility for local residents, while hosting the company’s corporate headquarters.

The following design objectives guided the project:

• Make more intensive use of lands that are currently underutilized, while maintaining consistency and compatibility with existing adjacent and surrounding developments;

• Support the provision and use of transit and other modes of active transportation (including walking and cycling) with the aim of reducing vehicular trips over the longterm; and

• Improve the streetscape and enhance the pedestrian environment by orienting building massing to the street and providing high quality architectural treatments with complementary and contemporary façade materials, windows, entrances, and landscaping.

Urban Planning

The MBTW Group, acting as agent, submitted an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment with supporting Planning Justification Report, to allow for the proposed office and fitness uses. Upon approval, The MBTW Group coordinated the Site Plan Application, and later a minor variance application, dealing with shared parking. Finally, The MBTW Group facilitated that submission of a minor variance seeking permissions for ground signage.

Urban Design

The MBTW Group prepared an Urban Design Brief to evaluate the quality of urban design for the development and to ensure compliance with the City of London’s policy and zoning framework.

Landscape Architecture

The MBTW Group was responsible for the landscape architectural services for the GoodLife Home Office, including building landscape treatments and landscaped boulevards within the surface parking area. The landscape and public realm design exceeds the requirements of the City of London’s Zoning By-law and focuses on public-private realm transitions and streetscape improvements.