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Prince Edward County Streetscape & Façade Guidelines

Prince Edward County, Ontario


Prince Edward County, Ontario


Prince Edward County




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The MBTW Group was retained by Prince Edward Country (referred to as “the County” hereafter) in 2016 to prepare County-wide Streetscape & Façade Design Guidelines that reflected the individual character of the five communities of Picton, Wellington, Rossmore, Consecon and Bloomfield. The primary focus of the Guidelines was to create a tangible vision for the future of the downtown communities within the County that aligns with the four goals of the Community Development Plan (adopted by Council in 2014). An essential component of the Guidelines was a close relationship with the Prince Edward County Downtown Revitalization Team and a meaningful public engagement process that greatly fed into the proposed design concepts and resulting streetscape & façade guidelines.

The Streetscape & Façade Design Guidelines includes, but is not limited to:

Public Engagement

The Streetscape & Façade Design Guidelines were informed by an extensive pubic engagement process that included community walking tours, an online survey and a public open house session. The community walking tours and community engagement session provided an opportunity for the consultant team to engage community members in the downtown revitalization processes and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in each of the five downtown cores.

Proposed Design Concepts

The MBTW Group developed design concepts for the County and each of the five communities that establish key initiatives and projects that resulted from background research and the public engagement process. The design concepts have been designed to be interpreted uniquely by each community, encouraging public engagement to continue to be a key component of the design process.

Streetscape Toolkit

The Team prepared a streetscape toolkit that was designed to work alongside the proposed design concepts, providing a kit of parts and implementation guidelines for various streetscape elements. The toolkit was designed to encourage a cohesive streetscape design.

Façade Guidelines

The façade guidelines prepared by MBTW address the revitalization of facades within downtown areas through the identification, conservation and enhancement of architecture across the County. The guidelines are designed to create an inventory of the County’s architectural styles and community-identified contributing facades that are accompanied by frameworks for façade restoration, County-wide infill development, and recommended approaches for building improvements.