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Rosedale Village

Springdale Community, Brampton, Ontario


Springdale Community, Brampton, Ontario


Rosedale Village Inc.



Project Team

Viljoen Architects Inc.;
Schaefer & Associates;
Marshall Macklin Monaghan;
Proctor + Redfern;
Clayton Research Associates;
KLM Planning Inc.


Landscape Architecture
Urban Design
Urban Planning

The MBTW Group has played a primary role in the planning, urban design, and landscape architecture of the Rosedale Village adult lifestyle community, from design to implementation. In its entirety, Rosedale Village will become a series of neighbourhoods in a 350 acre community, set within the context of the Springdale Community. Extensive research of existing adult lifestyle communities led to the development of a traditional village theme with resort qualities, in terms of architectural design, streetscape character, recreational amenities, and the landscape treatment of both private and public spaces. The MBTW Group implemented this vision from the master plan and zoning amendment stages, through to streetscape design, architectural design of homes, and individual lot landscape.

The community concept plan reflects a traditional village setting with a village centre, tree-lined streets, and extensive, interconnected, pedestrian-oriented open spaces. Intimate pedestrian scale will characterize these street promenades and the community at large. The emphasis on the pedestrian environment will be reinforced by the cottage-like scale of the home’s traditional architecture and their wide front porches located close to the street. The Village Centre was designed by The MBTW Group as a recreational and social community hub. Included in the Centre is a Village Club House, situated in a landscaped setting, and sporting a variety of active amenities. Rosedale Village’s notable features also include a 9-hole golf course; themed landscaped gardens, centrally located within each neighbourhood; a landscaped community edge; and a gatehouse entry.

Rosedale Village is a unique, innovative, adult lifestyle community concept. The challenges with respect to community planning process, design, and site servicing have been met by The MBTW Group’s coordination efforts and commitment to realizing the project vision.