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Victoria Park

100 Mary Street, Milton, Ontario


100 Mary Street, Milton, Ontario


Town of Milton




Landscape Architecture
Parks & Recreation Design
Public Consultation
Graphic Artistry


PRO Award for Excellence in Park or Facility Design (Community over 30,000)2018 View all award winning projects

The Victoria Park improvement project exemplifies the blending of excellence in project visioning, public consultation, landscape architecture, place-making and downtown revitalization. The transformation of this historically significant site from a cherished, but worn space into a vibrant park has had monumental impacts on civic pride, identity and heritage celebration. Victoria Park is not only an improvement to the quality of Milton’s public realm but has also enhanced the community gatherings and events experience.

Project Scope

The scope of redevelopment was influenced by the public through an early open consultation process. Although the original park design did not meet the current community needs, residents expressed concerns about making changes to the park. It was clear that the revitalization should focus on ensuring the space would remain as the heart of the community, communicating Town pride and identity. The design incorporated cost-effective interventions to meet users’ needs while staying within the project’s limited budget. The final design utilized innovative solutions to create a context specific, unique and superior public space.

The renovation and reuse of several distinct park elements was prioritized through extensive coordination with key user groups to breath life back into the existing site heritage features, resulting in a distinct and enriched park design. The original and refurbished fencing, pavers, and lighting remain to enhance the park’s character and ensure that familiar park features continue to celebrate the area’s heritage. The brick from the historic Brown Street walkway was recycled, flipped and re-laid and the park lights and wrought iron fencing were sandblasted, repainted and reinstalled. Additional new materials were selected specifically to complement the historic nature of existing features, providing seamless transitions between old and new.

The plantings were strategically chosen to promote succession and a sustainable landscape, while enhancing the park’s grandeur and defining its main access points. The Park entrance, by the Town Cenotaph and the Historic Brown Street Walkway, serves as a prominent arrival point to Victoria Park. The design creatively integrates the historic relics and new interpretive signage along the widened and lit central axis to intuitively guide residents through the park. In celebrating the Town’s history, the symbolic poppy was incorporated into the paving design and text was etched into the concrete.