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Jon Joyce B.L.A., O.A.L.A., C.S.L.A.



After graduating from the University of Guelph in 1995, Jonathan gained valuable professional experience working at a progressive landscape architectural and land planning firm in the Midwestern United States. With a strong basis in community and environmental planning, golf course development and landscape design, Jon returned to Canada in 1999 and joined the MBTW Group as a landscape architect and golf course architect.

Since joining MBTW, Jon has contributed to an extensive collection of projects involving new communities, golf courses, open spaces, recreational and institutional uses and site restoration works. With an ability to carry projects from conceptual design through detailed design development, construction documentation and contract administration, Jon continually demonstrates a talent for project management, problem solving, communication and decision-making in the successful transition between project design, approvals and implementation.

As a Principal at the MBTW Group, Jon combines his experience and understanding of site development processes with his organizational and administrative capabilities. He understands that effective supervision of project staff and the continuous monitoring of project progress, schedules and budgets is the key to creating quality places for people while successfully meeting the expectations of our clients.

Jon’s approach to design was cultivated and strongly influenced by his work in golf course design and the minimalist philosophies of traditional golf course architects. Jon has a strong belief that places speak distinctly, and that quality and innovative design solutions should work with the land to uncover the unique spirit and potential of each site. When successful, this focus can strike a balance between human needs and environmental health and integrity.

“Some places speak distinctly. Certain dank gardens cry aloud for a murder; certain old houses demand to be haunted; certain coasts are set apart for shipwrecks.” Robert Louis Stevenson

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