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The Beach

Eastern Beaches, Toronto, Ontario


Eastern Beaches, Toronto, Ontario


City of Toronto



Project Team

DG Group (Metrus)


Landscape Architecture
Park & Recreation Design
Urban Design
Urban Planning


Urban Development Institute: Urban Residential Development Award2002 View all award winning projects

The Beach Community is an 86 acre infill development, located in the heart of the Toronto Eastern Beaches, on the former site of the (Old) Woodbine Racetrack. The MBTW Group served as urban designers, ensuring the new community design gained the support and approval of local ratepayers, City officials, and the politicians while satisfying the development program envisioned by the owners. In order to create dynamic, pedestrian-scaled streetscapes, MBTW-WAI developed concepts and methods for mixing housing types; designating a variety of ownership options; conceptualizing Queen Street mixed use buildings; and developing special multi-unit buildings overlooking Lake Ontario.

Specifically, MBTW's scope of work included establishing the urban design vision, contributing to the creation of Draft Plans and supported planning approvals. MBTW also undertook the landscape design and construction of most public and private realm spaces. WAI created Architectural Design Guidelines and conduced a comprehensive design review process for all built form elements of the community including residential and commercial structures. W Architect also designed most of the townhouses overlooking Lake Ontario which one defined as the colourful “Painted Ladies”.

Woodbine Park is the largest single park initiated by the City of Toronto. The design of the new park re-creates wetland and wildlife habitats, resuming their historic and ecological significance to this area and the waterfront; and incorporates the site’s ecological history and social history.